Application Substrate
Tech-Coat Ltd. develops and produces advanced coating systems meeting the highest standards of quality for a broad range of industrial applications.

The company was founded in 1993 by Gadi Shkolnik- fourth generation to the Shkolnik family- the pioneers of the paint industry in Israel, together with his partner Gabi Megrali. Both partners have a chemistry degree and many years of experience in the area of paint chemistry.
In order to maintain its technological cutting edge and reputation for excellency, the company works hard to continually upgrade its products, in terms of functionality, efficiency, adherence to strictest standards of quality, and the reduction of environmental impact. To meet these challenges, the company invests a great deal of resources in research and development in close collaboration with clients to ensure rational and easy acceptance of innovative products.

Tech-Coat provides decorative and functional coatings for metal and plastic products used by a wide range of leading Israeli Hi-tech companies. The company also produces top-quality paint systems for luxury furniture, technical and medical equipment, electronic consumer products, and automobile parts for leading international manufacturers. When necessary, the company provides unique finishing solutions tailored precisely to suit the needs of clients in various industries and applications.

The company exports some of its products to Europe, China and the U.S. and Canada.

Tech-Coat is ISO 9001 certified, and complies with the directives of Israel's Defense Ministry.

Uncompromising quality, innovation, and our client-centered approach are the basis for the continuous growth and success of  Tech-Coat Ltd.
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